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26-06-2021 Make your next steps matter.
24-06-2021 Let your feet do their natural thing
17-06-2021 Minimalist footwear that ticks all of the boxes
10-06-2021 Unplug and reconnect
03-06-2021 Over-designed shoes are robbing your potential
27-05-2021 Get ready for your next barefoot adventure
20-05-2021 Feel more with each step
12-05-2021 Barefoot best-sellers
06-05-2021 New arrivals available now
30-04-2021 Your next barefoot adventure awaits
22-04-2021 Earth Day: lessons for a regenerative future
15-04-2021 "Barefoot training has been a game-changer for me..."
08-04-2021 Barefoot 24/7
01-04-2021 "My feet have never felt better"
25-03-2021 New colours to power your next adventure
17-03-2021 New styles and colours are here
11-03-2021 We'd love to hear from you
04-03-2021 #VivoOutsiders Spotlight
26-02-2021 Reset your password
01-02-2021 Minimal footwear - maximum positive impact
28-01-2021 Why you'll love the Geo Court
21-01-2021 Laidback, minimalist lace-ups
08-01-2021 Once you feel it, you can’t unfeel it
24-12-2020 Be an Outsider.
16-12-2020 Barefoot for everyone in your life
30-11-2020 Join the REvolution
27-11-2020 Give the planet a break this Black Friday
19-11-2020 A message from our Founders
13-11-2020 Unfollow the crowd
05-11-2020 Feel the benefits of barefoot all day, every day
22-10-2020 Live outside of what's expected
15-10-2020 Let's take this outside
12-10-2020 We want your old Vivo’s
24-09-2020 Vivobarefoot x Woolmark
17-09-2020 Stay barefoot
03-09-2020 Get moving and re-wilding
13-08-2020 Enjoy up to 30% off now
06-08-2020 Popular styles right now
30-07-2020 The Primus Lite II Bio
29-07-2020 Introducing: Revivo
23-07-2020 New arrivals now
20-07-2020 This is the new natural
16-07-2020 The latest barefoot summer styles
09-07-2020 Barefoot best-sellers
02-07-2020 Minimal shoes for maximum feeling
27-06-2020 Barefoot inspiration 24/7
25-06-2020 Craftsmanship is key
23-06-2020 Pick your occasion
22-06-2020 Welcome to Vivobarefoot. Get ready to reap the benefits of barefoot

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